Experience the Elegance of Simplicity

Welcome to Kate’s Place

Kate’s Place is owned and operated by Kate Tilton, a Wimberley resident who has a lifetime of restaurant and cooking experience. While raising 5 children, Kate also completed the Texas Master Gardener Program from Texas A&M and worked as an interior decorator. These aspects of her life – a deeply held love of food, gardening, and interior design – all came together when the opportunity to renovate “Charlie’s Place”, a long-time Wimberley site for food and music, became available in the summer of 2009. Using only local Wimberley talent, Kate and her husband Ron Tilton, a University of Texas professor engaged in teaching and diabetes research, worked for months to create a truly distinctive restaurant in the Texas hill country.

Dedicated to elegant simplicity, Kate uses only fresh, seasonal, and locally produced food to generate daily soup, sandwich, entrée, and dessert specials that complement her varied lunch and dinner menus. Kate’s dedication to fresh food, freshly prepared, and her love of gardening are best exemplified by the large vegetable gardens built on site, that are used to provide fresh-cut herbs, vegetables and flowers for use in her restaurant. Kate’s dedication to healthy food is again exemplified by her banning deep fryers from her kitchen. Kate, her kitchen and wait staff welcome you to an elegant dining experience in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

Welcome to Kate’s Place

At Kate’s Place we believe in doing things the right way: We purchase fresh produce and ingredients throughout the week and source locally when available. All of our steaks are Certified Angus Beef ® brand and are cut fresh in-house daily. We purchase fresh seafood weekly, emphasizing local, Gulf Coast products. All of our recipes are made from scratch and we keep batch sizes small to ensure freshness. At Kate’s Place we do not cut corners when it comes to quality of ingredients, preparation, and plating. We hope your experience with our food reflects our commitment to quality in every aspect of our food production.


We are aware of the harsh environmental impact imposed by restaurants. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce that impact. We currently recycle every single container, jar, box, can, or jug that comes on site. We also make use of all compostable food waste either on site or donated to local organic farms. We utilize rain water catchment and runoff systems to water our organic gardens. We plant native, drought-tolerant landscaping. We use LED light bulbs to limit our energy usage. We feel it is very important for us to do what we can to limit our negative effects on the planet. If you have any suggestions for how we can continue to reduce our environmental impact, please contact us. Also, please encourage your other local eateries and businesses to make greener choices.